47 Highridge Crag (Yarn Domain) - (9, 15) [none]



  1. Go to (2, 13)
  2. Kill 25 Yarn Nomads
  3. Return to (2, 13)
  4. Go to (9, 15)
  5. Go to (8, 2)
  6. Go to (9, 15)



Highridge Crag (Yarn Domain) - (9, 15)
You encounter a man who introduces himself as Joe Gedyre. 'There an old unexploded nuclear bomb we discovered north of here. None of us are qualified to disarm the bomb. Perhaps you could help us out?'
'Excellent! You will need to acquire a bomb disposal kit in order to safely dispose of the bomb. There is only one bomb disposal kit that I know of, and it's currently being held by a trader contact of mine. You'll find him to the west of here trading wares. Return here when you have acquired the Bomb Disposal Kit.'

Highridge Crag (Yarn Domain) - (2, 13)
You arrive at the trader mentioned by Joe. 'Hi there friend, how can I help you?' You ask the trader about the bomb disposal kit. 'I see, I see... well, that particular item is priceless. However, perhaps if you solve a small problem of mine, then we could haggle over a price. What do you say?'
I live to serve
'I knew there was something about you I liked. Anyway, I trade in this region quite often, however I'm losing considerable money when traveling between towns. This is due to those damn Yarn Nomads hijacking my wares. Teach them that attacking me is not a good idea, Kill 25 Yarn Nomads then return to me.'

Highridge Crag (Yarn Domain) - (2, 13)
You arrive back at the trader. 'Did you manage to teach those Yarn Nomads a lesson?

'Ahh excellent. Hopefully that should teach them. Ah, I suppose you want that bomb disposal kit eh? Well, for all your hard work in dealing with those Yarn Nomads, I'm going to give it to you for free. Here. The trader hands you the bomb disposal kit.

You gain 1 x Bomb Disposal Kit

Highridge Crag (Yarn Domain) - (9, 15)
You arrive back at the outpost. Joe Gedyre approaches you. 'Well, did you manage to acquire the bomb disposal kit?'
'Perfect! You should find the bomb north of here. Good luck in disarming it safely!'

Highridge Crag (Yarn Domain) - (8, 2)
In the rocky ground you discover an oddly menacing cylinder.
Disarm device
Using the bomb disposal kit, you successfully disarm the ancient device. You should return to Joe Gedyre to tell him you have succeeded.

Highridge Crag (Yarn Domain) - (9, 15)
You arrive back at the outpost. Joe approaches you. 'I see you've made it back. Did you manage to successfully disarm the bomb?

Joe sighs with relief. 'That's one less problem to deal with. Thank you for your help, friend. Here, take this as a token of my appreciation.'

You receive 9,082 Xp + 1 x Kolgim Pulse Axe Blueprint + 10 Skill points