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Core Skills

Level Icon Name Effect Duration Energy Cost
1+ Strike50x50 Strike + 0.2% Base Attack per point. 60 mins. 10
Missionfinder50x50 Mission Finder +0.1% per point chance to obtain a Mission Item on an additional loot roll. (Only if the normal loot roll fails to obtain anything) 60 mins. 10
Finditem50x50 Find Item +0.1% per point increase of the entities drop rate for items. 60 mins. 10
Internalreserves50x50 Internal Reserves +0.2% Base HP per point. 60 mins. 10
25+ Dataprocessor50x50 Data Processor +0.1% per point increase in XP from entity kills. 60 mins. 15
Defiance50x50 Defiance +0.25% per point reduction in XP lost when defeated in combat by an entity. 60 mins. 15
Absorption50x50 Absorption +0.2% chance per point to drain an additional 10% of your opponents current HP per combat turn (only works on a successful hit). 90 min 15
Salvage50x50 Salvage Increases chance of success when attempting to extract a component from a resource. 60 min 15
75+ Researcher50x50 Researcher +0.1% per point chance to gain double XP from entities. 60 min 20
Brinkmanship50x50 Brinkmanship +0.2% per point chance to survive death in combat (once per combat). 60 min 20
Kineticreserves50x50 Kinetic Reserves +0.2% Base Damage per point 60 min 20
Radhunter50x50 Rad Hunter +0.2% extra damage vs. irradiated entities. 60 min 20
Robothunter50x50 Robot Hunter +0.2% extra damage vs. robotic entities 60 min 20
150+ Haggle50x50 Haggle +0.1% chance per point that the Assembly Plant will make items 50% cheaper. 60 min 25
Corrode50x50 Corrode +0.1% per point reduction of opponents armor. 60 min 25
Protectionfield50x50 Protection Field +0.1% per point Base Defense, Base Armor, and Base HP. 60 min 25
Deflect50x50 Deflect +0.25% chance per point that a player attacking you will fail before combat. 60 min 25
200+ Intensifier50x50 Intensifier At level 50, 2x Energy usage in return for 2x XP/Class Skill. (Level 100 = 3x, Level 150 = 4x, etc.). 60 min 30
Entityseeker50x50 Entity Seeker +0.2% per point chance to make certain entities respawn at your location. 60 min 30
Traverse50x50 Traverse +0.1% chance to use no Energy when moving. 60 min 30

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