58 Amethyst Peak (Climb) - (15, 14) [none]



  1. Obtain 1 x Recon Camera
  2. Go to (10, 15)
  3. Kill 30 Scorpion Scuttlers
  4. Return to (10, 15)
  5. Go to (2, 15)
  6. Obtain Recon Photo
  7. Deliver Recon Photo to (15, 14)



You hear a rattling cough.

You look for the source of the odd sound and eventually come across a wounded man in a battlesuit. You recognize the TIU logo emblazoned on his shoulder. He is badly wounded and is struggling to open the med pack. You reach down and open the box for him. He looks up at you in amazement, 'Thank you, I think I can manage from here. I'm a Deep Reconnaissance unit for the TIU. My mission was to see what the Crystal beings were up to, but I didn't expect to find that Scorpion thing, I thought they were all man-like. The sting got me before I could react. Can you do me a favor and find out what they are up to for me, take a picture of their activities with this Recon Camera. I can then return and report to my Superior.'

You receive 1 x Recon Camera

You try to move as quietly as you can but are stopped by a patrolling Scorpion Scuttlers.

The numbers of the Scorpion Scuttlers are far too great. You must destroy 30 Scorpion Scuttlers before you can move on.

Before you can continue you must destroy the Shard Patrol.

The large numbers of Shard seems to suggest that they are hiding something. It must be important. You must find out what it is.

To your surprise you hear a thunder clap. You look into the sky and see no clouds. You follow the small path round a sharp bend and see weird Shard creature.

You instinctively take out the Recon Camera, the strange Shard has two large segments. A beetle like body with small legs carries the abdomen that looks to be a huge glowing ball. You watch as the Shard approaches a crystal roughly 5 ft tall. The Shard seems to pause as if concentrating. After a few seconds lightning leaps from the glowing ball and strikes the crystal. The crystal glows with an inner spiraling light - the Shard then moves onto another crystal. When the Lightning Shard has finished, a Scorpion Scuttler shatters the glowing crystal with it's sting. Large crystal chunks scatter across the floor; where Prospect Workers pick them up and move north with their prize. You should return to the Recon Scout with the Recon Photo

You receive 1 x Recon Photo

The Recon Scout has managed to bind his wounds when you return, 'Have you taken a Recon photo of the Crystal creatures activities?'

The Scout takes the Photo and you describe the process you witnessed, 'The Crystals seem to be important to them, why would they shatter them? Well I'll get this to my Superiors, maybe they can figure it out. Thank you for this, I owe you one.'