28 Taulin Gamma Wastes (Sands) - (2, 14) [none]



  1. Obtain 1 x Thermal Desiccator Prototype Blueprint
  2. Return to (2,14)



You spot a man garbed in what appears to be a large white laboratory coat. You catch glimpse of a sidearm holstered on the scientists belt beneath the lab coat. Considering the dangers inherent in traveling these areas, carrying a weapon does seem a smart idea.

Startled, the scientist spins to face you, firearm already drawn and pointed at your face. 'Who are you, and what do you want?'. The scientists seems somewhat more relaxed after listening to your short explanation of why you are here, mainly that you are not here to cause harm. 'Ah, well I've traveled here because this is the only working console that will allow me to complete my work. However, there are still a few obstacles...

An idea sparks, and the scientist gazes at you curiously. 'I wonder... Would you be interested in helping me finish my work? Perhaps I could offer you one of these, once I've finished my work.'

'Super! Okay, I've been researching a new weapon design for a nearby settlement. The governor wishes to purchase several dozen Thermal Desiccator weapons. The only thing preventing me from finishing my work however is a lack of certain components. I think our best bet at acquiring these components is from the wreckage of a hover-train north of here. However, I believe some of the locals have been attempting to salvage from it. They've likely already salvaged stuff from the wreckage, so I recommend acquiring some of the salvage from them. I warn you however, the locals around here aren't so friendly. Oh, one more thing. The software I use for fabricating materials using blueprint data is malfunctioning. I will need you to construct the item for me. Here, take the blueprint for the prototype. Please, don't lose it!'

You gain 1 x Thermal Desiccator Prototype Blueprint.

You arrive back at the scientist. 'I'm glad you came back. This place is getting a little too dangerous. I doubt I'll be able to stick around here for long. Did you manage to assemble the prototype?'

'Excellent work, my friend. This should be perfect for mass producing.' The scientist places the prototype on a holographic fabrication assembler. Within minutes, the first unit is fabricated. 'Here, you can take the very first one produced. Thank you again for your help!'