15 Highridge Descent - (8, 12) [none]



  1. Go to (4, 1)
  2. Go to (2, 2)
  3. Go to (2, 3)
  4. Return to (8, 12)



In the white sands you find a young man frantically calling for a Droid.

The young man sits down in abject misery, 'I've got to deliver a new Droid, but I was late so I took the Highridge path as a short cut. I was warned not too but I didn 't listen. As we were walking those horrible Spiders attacked. I ran but the Droid has only the base programming loaded up, so it didn't defend it's self. It was carted off somewhere and now I can't find it. I won't get paid if I don't find out what happen to it. Can you help me look for the dratted thing?'

The Spider Hole is a small dark and miserable place. In the middle of the Spider nest you find a bundle covered in Spider webs.

In the darkness of the Spider hole you pull back the sticky webs to revel silvered arms and legs of a new Droid. The head hangs limply by a few wires, you take this as evidence that you found the Droid. The Delivery Boy will be interested in knowing what you have found.

You recieve 1 x Droid Head

The Delivery Boy waits for your return, 'Have you found out what happened to my Droid?'

The Delivery Boy takes the Droid Head from you, 'I should be grateful that the Spiders went for the Droid and not me I suppose, though I don't get paid for non-delivery. I had better return to my boss and tell him what happened. Any way take this Spider Fang Weapon Add On Blueprint as payment for your help.'