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Elites are a kind of extremely rare monster that respawn near the hour. As of yet, the current Elites are:

Ancient Sand Lurker (elite) Respawns: 4 at the X:00 Location: Desert Path (straights) Level: 10 Quest in: Call to Arms. Quest rewards: 288xp Drops: Lurker head

Proto Stim Warrior (HK) Respawns: 3 at the X:05 Location: Phantom Lake (shores) Level: 16 Quest in: Way of the Old Quest rewards: 866xp Drops: Proto Stim Warrior torso

Dune Scanner (elite) Respawns: 3 at the X:00 Location: Taulin Outskirts (dunes) Level: 24 Quest in: Assimilation Quest rewards: 1370xp, 10 skill points Drops: ?

Sharona Rai Respawns: 5 at the X:00 Location: Taulin Gamma Wastes (tower) Level: 26 Quest in: revenge of the G-27s Quest rewards: 7500xp, 20 skill points. Drops: Chrome Arm

Note that if you are hunting for Elites, their locations normally are worth Flux Crystals. Also, they're normally hunted down within 2 minutes. Lastly, they're much more powerful than their level suggests. to defeat them, you normally need a squad or fully forged items (items fully upgraded with Flux Crystals).