40 Highridge Mines (Unstable Layer) - (3, 2) [none]



  1. Go to (18, 13)
  2. Go to (9, 9)
  3. Return to Highridge Mines (Unstable Layer)
  4. Go to (13, 9)
  5. Go to (22, 12)
  6. Return to the Mining Facility
  7. Go to (9, 9)
  8. Return to Highridge Mines (Unstable Layer)
  9. Kill 1x MD1 (Elite)
  10. Return to the Mining Facility
  11. Go to (9, 9)
  12. Return to Highridge Mines (Unstable Layer)
  13. Go to (23, 3)
  14. Go to (10, 3)



Highridge Mines (Unstable Layer) - (3, 2)
You enter what appears to be a large open cavern, the first thing that grabs your attention is a large Hazard Sign, it explains that this area is extremely unstable, and as such safety equipment must be worn at all times. The sign also makes note of the Mine Droid MK1's that are working in this area, and to avoid them if possible as they work in the most dangerous areas with their Heavy MK50 Plasma Cutter and grabbing claw for retrieving Taulite. The sign also says something else but it is covered in dust and grime from the mines.
As you clean the sign, it mentions all new employees in this sector should report to the mining control facility. You wonder if this facility even exists any more, perhaps it would be worth searching for, there could be some unused items or even a stockpile of Taulite Ore that you could quite easily claim for yourself.

Mining Facility - (9, 9)
You enter a small mining facility, there are a number of terminals, as well as de-activated mining robots and equipment. The facility is in ruins from a recent earth tremor. As you look around you see nothing really of worth or use, you are however drawn to one of the control room's main consoles. On the console lies a large pile of rock, fallen from the ceiling, as you walk over to the console, you see a miner propped up against the wall, he appears to be lying in a pool of his own blood.
You rush over to the miner, and attempt to find his wound, it looks like he has been hit by falling debris from the roof of the facility. There is a large gash in his shoulder, he appears to be loosing a lot of blood you quickly wrap the wound up.

Mining Facility - (9, 9)
It looks like the miner could really use some healing. Maybe if you could make an advanced stim pack you could save him.
Use Miners Advanced Stim
You use the Advanced Alpha Stim on the miner, he seems to perk up a little as the healing fluid courses through his veins. He turns to you, and says 'Thank you, you have saved my life. This facility is a grim place, an earth tremor killed my two colleagues and left me unable to move. The main computer console also appears to be damaged so we no longer can operate any of the equipment in this area. Our only chance is to leave this mine, I am unsure how safe the surface will be as the last time anyone left the mine from the exit they were never seen again. But if we stay here, we are surely doomed. There is an exit to the east of the Unstable Layer to the Mountain Tops.

Before we can go, you must clear a path as I will need you to escort me because of my wound. Go scout the area and eliminate any hostile MD1 (Elites) you find en route to the East Tunnel.
Ok we should go now, however be aware that the Shard have been detected on the Mountain tops. I believe you have met with some of the Shard before, these were however minor Shard beings. The Shard are crystalline beings and in general are colored in shades of Violet. The Shard can take many forms from humanoid to worm like and many more, and it is unlikely the true form of the Shard will be ever known. Possibly even the Shard themselves do not know, they hate all organic life. They follow a religion that guides them onto a holy crusade across the stars to destroy all who are not 'followers of the true faith', or Shard. Sharona Rai hated her flesh and was trying replace it with metal. The Shard saw this and allied to her. That was where she got some of her resources from and advanced Cyborg Tech. If we are venturing on, you must be prepared. Anyway, we can talk more once we are safely out of these Mines.

Thank you so much, I owe you a debt of gratitude.
I will remain here to see if any other miners safely get out of the Unstable Layer. You can leave this path east of here.