34 Highridge Mines (Rock Layer) - (6, 8) [none]



  1. Obtain Power Drill Arm Blueprint
  2. Return to (6, 8)
  3. Attain level 35
  4. Go to Highridge Mines (Shaft) - (6, 10)
  5. Obtain 1x Gamma Ray Projector Blueprint
  6. Go to Highridge Mines (Broken Sediment)
  7. Attain level 36
  8. Return to Highridge Mines (Shaft) - (6, 10)
  9. Go to (7, 10)
    • Enter Collapsed Tunnel
  10. Go to (10, 7)
  11. Go to (15, 1)
  12. Enter Highridge Mines (Volcanic Deposits)
  13. Go to (12, 3)
  14. Kill 5 Miner Cutters
  15. Return to (12, 3)



You arrive in the dimly lit mine shaft, contrary to some of the other area's of Sigma. The shaft bustles with activity. You see huge numbers of Cyborgs milling around, drilling new mine shafts searching for Taulite Ore. As you enter a small open shaft you see a Mine Drill Cyborg bent over doing some adjustments to his robotic drilling arms.

The Cyborg looks up, however you cannot really tell from his helmet whether he is looking at you or not. Just as you are about to leave him to his repairs, he starts to speak to you in a very sinister robotic voice, 'You are an outsider, however you do not bare the mark of the Chrome Hand. Perhaps you could help me, we have been in these mines for a great many years hiding from the Chrome Hand. A number of the mine shafts and tunnels in this sector have been destroyed by others like me to prevent the Chrome Hand from attacking us and harvesting our body's for upgrades to theirs. With the lack of raw materials, repairs to our equipment are becoming more and more difficult.'

'The rock in this area is extremely robust, as such I need to repair one of drills. If you can help me do this, I can give you access to areas you normally wouldn't be able to visit. I will be able to create tunnels to wherever you like if you help me fix my drill arm.'

'Very well, I will wait here and power down until you return. You will need this.' He hands you a blueprint.

You gain 1 x Power Drill Arm Blueprint.

The Cyborg powers to life as its movement sensor detects you approach him. He turns to you and says 'Have you managed to create a new Power Drill Arm?'

The cyborg walks over to you and scans the arm, he looks at you and says 'This will do perfect. Come with me, I can now create some new tunnels through the damaged areas. Follow me to the collapsed tunnel just east of here.'

After a long narrow winding tunnel you find yourself in what appears to be a large cavern, the Northern wall of the caverns has completely caved in, the scale of the collapsed tunnel makes you believe that whoever lives deeper in the cave has indeed done this on purpose to keep outsiders out. Your cyborg friend, revitalized with his new arm turns to you and says 'Behind this wall once lay a area of rock with Volcanic Deposits, the ore found down there can be used to create especially strong armor and weaponry.' They must have dropped this shaft to cut themselves off from Sharona Rai's minions. If you can find me a gamma ray projector I should be able to examine the damage and locate a safe spot to create a passage way to the North path.' (I strongly suggest that you do not continue on this mission until you have reached level 35.)

Good, return to me when you have it.

You gain 1 x Gamma Ray Projector Blueprint (Yes you really have to walk all the way back to build it. We all did, no way around it. When you get back to the Rock Layer map there is an entrance to the Broken Sediment map in the lower right. That map has plenty of Mine Loaders and you'll be able to get the drops you need much easier. Plus you'll be able to sale off the extra resources to those in the map Rock Layer who didn't think to check if there was an easier way to do things. Also you will not be able to progress in the mission until you are level 36. So make sure you level up before heading back to continue the mission.)

You return to the cyborg, as you approach him he asks you 'Did you obtain the Gamma Ray Projector?”

'Very good, this will do perfectly.' The cyborg plugs the Gamma Projector into his chest piece and starts to scan the collapsed area of the tunnel, without saying anything he approaches it at the west side, you hear the motors in both of his Drills whirring to life. You figure this will take a little time, so as you prepare to set up a small camp and wait. You awake alone in the tunnel, a few hours must have past, yet there is still no sign of your cyborg friend. Maybe you should go investigate the Collapsed Tunnel.

You crawl through the small passageway the cyborg created and emerge in a large tunnel. Your cyborg friend is nowhere to be found, however you see the new drill arm you created lying on the ground, perhaps he moved down into the deeper area. (The crawl space is one spot right of where the last mission log was.)

After further examination of the area it seems the new arm has been damaged. You fear the worst so you head North towards the Volcanic deposits.

You approach a number of Mine Cutters, they are gathered around what looks to be the remains of a Cyborg. They turn to face you, the leader of the pack turns to face you 'How did you get down here, this Cyborg must have created a new tunnel! We must defend ourselves, once Sharona Rai's minions discover a new way down here, they will stop at nothing to enslave or harvest us for our parts. Lets get him guys!'

As you kill the 5th Mine Cutter you see that they were brutally dis-assembling your Cyborg friend. It looks as if the damage is beyond even your skilled Assembly skills. You salvage through the parts on the ground and find a strange looking computer chip. Maybe this could be used for something.