36 Highridge Mines (Volcanic Deposits) - (8, 10) [none]



  1. Kill 25 Miner Cutters
  2. Return to (8, 10)
  3. Kill Miner Cutters
  4. Go to (16, 15)
  5. Return to (8, 10)



You approach a group of upset miners. A foreman attempts to calm the group of miners.

The foreman turns to you. 'We've been having some dissent with our miners. They say they want more pay, but we're already giving them 12% of all profits made on the sold ore.' The mining foreman explains.

The crowd of miners gets out of control, some of them wielding mining cutters bear down on the foreman and yourself. You must defend yourself and eliminate 25 of the armed miners to quell the disruption.

You manage to kill off the armed miners.

The foreman is badly injured. 'Please. I require aid. Can you help me?

I was hit by one of those mining cutter weapons. Bring me a medipack from the equipment locker south east of here. You'll need a keycard to access the locker. Unfortunately, one of the miners stole it from me. You'll have to acquire it from them.'

You arrive at the locker as mentioned by the mining foreman. The locker required a Keycard in order to open it.

You use the Keycard to open the locker.

You gain 1 x Miners Medikit.

You arrive back at the mining foreman. 'Did you manage to get the medikit from the equipment locker?'

You hand over the medikit to the foreman's assistant, who begins administering the required treatment. 'Thank you for your assistance, friend. I shall not forget this.'