29 Highridge Mines (Mouth) - (16, 5) [none]



  1. Obtain 1x Glow Torch Blueprint
  2. Return to (16, 5)
  3. Attain level 30
  4. Go to Highridge Mines (Halls) - (16, 1)
  5. Kill 50 Mine Security Guards
  6. Return to (16, 1)
  7. Go to (1, 16)
  8. Kill 15 Mine Security Guards
  9. Return to (1, 16)
  10. Go to Highridge Mines (Mouth) - (16, 5)
  11. Go to Taulin City - (5, 1)



As you journey through the mines you see a soldier diligently harvesting what appears to be slimy glow sacks from the Fervo Beetles found in this area. As you approach the soldier, he turns to face you.

'Hello there, a G27 unit? I didn't think we'd see any more of your kind after Sharona Rai attempted to capture your processing facility. You look like you could use some better equipment, especially if you're planning to journey deeper into these mines. I am harvesting these Fervo Beetle's glow sacks, there is nothing worse than getting attacked by an adversary that you cannot see, and these glow sacks really brighten the way ahead.

My name is Temli, would you be interested in helping me with something, I will split the reward with you, 50-50?

Just east of here lies one of the largest Halls in the mines. We believe these halls were created many years ago during the apocalyptic war that devasted the surface of sigma, the underground tunnels have grown in size ever since. Several substantial deposits of Taulite Ore were discovered after expanding the tunnels. The ore can fetch a rather nice price at an open market. However, the whole area is crawling with Mine Security Guards, and they will not surrender the Ore easily. The only downside is that it is extremely dark in the Halls, in certain areas in the deeper Mines its pitch black! Before you can enter you will need to make a torch. Here take this blueprint.

You gain 1 x Glow Torch Blueprint.

You arrive back at the soldier who still appears to be harvesting the glow sacks. Startled, the soldier spins to face you. 'Oh! It's you. Don't sneak up on me like that! Did you manage to make the Glow Torch that you will need to enter the Halls yet?'

'Good work! You will need to sneak into the adjacent halls and find me. When we have the ore in our possesion we shall rendezvous back here.'

You see a shadowy figure in the deep darkness of the halls.

Ah, G27 I see you made it. What we need to do is thin out the number of Mine Security Guards in this area. If we could kill 50 of these we should be able to procure a decent sized sample of this ore, I'm sure of it.

Return to me when you have defeated 50 Mine Secruity Guards.

Well done my friend. Now is our chance to strike. You will find the entrance to a collapsed mining tunnel South-West of here. You should be able to find some ore there, remember stealth is our greatest ally!

Sneaking through the shadows, the soldier and you approach a large unguarded cart of Taulite Ore. As you approach the cart you are ambushed by 15 Mine Security Guards. You will need to kill the security guards before you can attain the ore.

Temli motions you to advance on the ore cart and attain some of the ore while he covers the tunnel leading east. You quickly pick up the ore and place it in your backpack. Swinging the back-pack over your shoulder, you run off into the shadows. From the corner of your eye you see your new aquientence also running for his life from a pursuing Mine Security Guards. You should return to the rendezvous point as soon as possible.

You gain 1 x Taulite Ore.

You wait in the shadows for Temli to return to the rendezvous point. You see him creeping towards the point.

Ah, this should fetch a nice price on the black market. We should head to Taulin city, and see if we can find someone to trade this ore too, it should fetch a nice price!

You arrive at what looks like a rather dingy looking stall in Taulin City. Temli approaches the stall and speaks to what appears to be a contact. He turns to face you, 'He will pay us 10,000 credits for the Taulite Ore, we should take the credits and get out of here quick, 50-50 just as we agreed right?'

Temli turns to you and says 'Thank you for the help in this matter, I hope to work with you again. However this was my plan and I need these credits for a future operation. Here is your share of the credis.' He hands you 500 credits. Before you have a chance to argue, he drops a flash bang grenade at your feet and as your vision starts to return you see him scaling a wall and leaving Taulin City to the open wastelands. Unable to follow him you take a mental note to make sure he gets his comeuppance the next time you cross paths.