45 Highridge Crag (Vale) - (3, 10) [none]



  1. Kill 30 Crag Venaxadons
  2. Return to (3, 10)
  3. Receive 1x Venaxadon Lure Blueprint
  4. Go to (14, 5)
  5. Return to (3, 10)



A man stands in the middle of a deserted village. He stares out across the crags in quiet fury.

He seems not to acknowledge you, then turns slowly, 'It was just supposed to be a holiday trip. But then the Flyer we were on was shot out of the sky and we crash landed. We managed to escape, but only ended up here. My wife was exhausted, so she sat down to rest. 'We fell asleep, I awoke to my wifes screaming, and the horrific sight of those green monsters ripping her apart. They consumed her before my own eyes. In my horror I forgot about my daughter. She was laying unconscious near by. As the monsters left they took her. Please, I can't do it myself, Kill 30 Crag Venaxadon for the memory of my Wife and Daughter.'

The man stands alone in the village awaiting your return, 'Have you killed the 30 Crag Venaxadon?'

He sighs deeply at your words, 'When you were way a Mutant tracker came buy and he told me that the Venaxadon only eat their fill. They snatch food for later if it is available and take it back to their nest. It might be that my Daughter is still alive. The Tracker also told me you will need a Venaxadon Lure to detract the creatures enough to search the nest. He gave me this Blueprint. Please look for my Daughter, she is all I have left.'

You receive 1 x Venaxadon Lure Blueprint

The Venaxadon Nest was not easy to find, but hidden in the rocks you come across a half a dozen females nursing their young. There is too many of them to look for the Girl. You will need something to Lure them away.

You throw the Lure across the nest and the foul creatures run after the easy meal. Wasting no time you search through the rocks and find an unconscious girl dropped between some boulders. Quickly you scoop her up in your arms, and run before the Venaxadon return. You should return to the Man in the deserted Village as soon as possible.'

The Man waits quietly for your return. 'Have you found anything of my Daughter?'

You hand over the child, the Man looks down at his daughter in astonishment. 'Is this real? She is still breathing! I cannot thank you enough. I'm sorry - I must go and find a med kit'.