56 Amethyst Peak (Upper Slope) - (13, 14) [none]



  1. Obtain Scuttler Sample Blueprint
  2. Return to (13, 14)



A large Personnel Carrier sits on it's landing gear surrounded by armed guards in battlesuits. The letters TIU are printed neatly on the side of the ship.

The Guards shoulder their pulse rifles as you draw near. You instinctively slow down to a halt and you stare down the rifle barrels pointed at you. A voice rings out in the silence, 'Don't shoot if it's not Pink! Let me through.' After a few seconds the line of Guards shuffles to let the Squad Leader out. He looks you up and down for a few moments, 'You're a Clone Unit?' You nod and smile (you have learned that smiling always helps.) The Squad Leader's head tilts to one side, 'Maybe we can help each other. We have only recently discovered the Crystal Men on Sigma. We don't know anything about them. I have been tasked with retrieving a sample of their technology. Unfortunately we can't leave the perimeter of the Flyer due to the Mountain Scuttler attacks on our ship. But I would reward you if you got me the technology sample. Take this Scuttler Sample Blueprint, I hope we can do business.'

You receive 1 x Scuttler Sample Blueprint

The Squad Leader is barking orders at his men as you return, 'Oh, hello again Unit. Have you retrieved the Scuttler Sample yet?'

He takes the sample from you, 'Thank you for this Unit. We were in a stalemate where we couldn't leave the ship without losing it. But couldn't continue in our mission sitting by the ship. You have done well, I don't recognize your Unit Number but I'm glad your on our side!' 'We found some stones that had data structures within it. When we de-coded it we discovered it was a pattern for a Ztellate Lance, our computers turned it into a Blueprint. Here take it - I hope it will be of use. Luck to you Unit.'