43 Highridge Crag (Upper Slopes) - (11, 8) [none]



  1. Kill Raga House Warriors
  2. Return to (11, 8)



A woman dressed in torn cloths runs desperately up to you.

She clutches onto you and looks at your face intently, 'A G27 unit - thank goodness, maybe you'll help me! I was in a flyer traveling to Taulin City when a huge energy blast hit the craft. The pilot died instantly but I managed to get the auto pilot engaged and we crash landed just south of here. As I crawled from the wreckage I saw some savage Mutants running up to us. I just managed to get away, but I left my Research Notes on the flyer. Those Raga Warriors are a cunning bunch. They knew, I don't know how - but they knew that if they took the notes I would follow. I know that that tribe eat people. They are using my my lifes work as a lure. But I can't leave without my Research Notes. Please get them for me!'

The Woman waits for you impatiently, 'Have you retrieved my Research Notes?'

She takes the Notes from you, 'Thank you very much. The rumors I've heard about your model seem to be true. I know it's not much but here are some Credits for your trouble. Thank you for you kindness.'