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A Raga House Ranger waves for you to approach.

The Mutant bows slightly, 'We of House Raga have heard of you Unit. The tales told of you are rich. I only wish to add to your song. We have traveled far into Shard territory, but I cannot tackle these potent Thrax Guards. We Rangers are unfortunately not warriors. 'I have seen lines of Prospect Workers carrying glowing chunks of Crystal. They are going somewhere North East of here. Can you find out what they are doing and put a stop to it if possible?'

It's not hard to find the Prospect Workers, hundreds of them snake across the land all moving in the same direction.

You are attacked several times by the Thrax Guard as you follow the silent Workers. But it's nothing you can't handle. Eventually you come to a large pit edged in Crystal. The strange runes that are carved into it pulse gently. The Workers simply drop the glowing Crystal into the pit and leave, probably to collect more. Three Lightning Shard stand around the edge of the pit. Confused you sit down and watch what happens. In time the pit fills with glowing Crystal chunks. When the pit is full the three Lightning Shard start to shimmer with power, then they blast the pit with their lightning. It lasts several seconds, the hair on your arms stand up and you have to shield your eyes against the glare. Eventually they stop and, to you surprise, the Crystal chunks are reduced to a thick liquid. The Lightning Shard emit loud clicks like static and slowly the liquid moves before coming together in a recognizable shape. You shudder in horror. The Shard Xannor Warrior crawls out of the pit, stretches his arms then marches off. You gawk at the empty pit. The Shard make their numbers by summoning them out of these pits. No training, not even equipping them with weapons. They are made and then move off to serve. You look around at the field of amethyst crystals, all of which can be made into instant Shard Soldiers. The Summoning Pit has to be shut down, you must find a way of doing this.

You turn from the Summoning Pit, panic rising within you. You struggle to suppress it. You walk away not knowing what could destroy the Pit. You suddenly see a number of dead TIU bodies. Their battlesuites shattered and weapons discarded. Your foot stumbles across a Heavy Rocket Launcher.

The Shard thought these men a threat but left the Launcher intact. It simply needs Rocket Propelled Grenades to work.

You return to the Summoning Pit. It's already half full, you must destroy it or the Shard will overrun the entire area. A GenTech Bazooka Mk1 will do the job!'

You load up the GenTech Bazooka and take aim. As you do so several Thrax Guard rush at you. But all are consumed by the fire storm you unleash. As the smoke clears, the Summoning Pit lays in ruins.'