19 Taulin Outskirts (Edge) - (2, 9) [none]



  1. Kill Labor Android Mk2s
  2. Return to (2, 9)



As you are wandering the desert you find a Taulin City Scout, he waves at you frantically.

The Scout grabs at you in desperation, 'Thank goodness, I thought nobody would listen to me. I was scouting the area for signs of the Chrome Hand when I was attacked by a Labor Android of all things. I suspect that the Chrome Hand have hacked these Droids but I need proof to give my superiors. I'm not equipped to deal with threats of this nature. I'm only a recon unit after all. Can you get me the Data Box of one of these Labour Android Mk2. With that our tech guys can find out where the Droid had been. It might be the first real clue to their location.'

The Taulin City Scout waits for you patiently, 'Have you managed to get a Data Box from one of those Labor Droids yet?'

The Scout takes the Data Box from you, 'Thank you very much, the Chrome Hand must be stopped or they will destroy the City. I know it's not much, but it's the only safe place for miles around here. Thank you again, please take this Scout Scope Blueprint as a token of my gratitude.'