39 Highridge Mines (Dark Excavations) - (14, 10) [none]



  1. Go to (9, 12)
  2. Go to (14, 18)
  3. Go to (1, 20)
  4. Kill 15 Shadow Gliders
  5. Return to (1, 20)
  6. Go to (1, 3)
  7. Go to (19, 8)
  8. Return to (14, 10)



You encounter an engineer working on patching up a large pipe. He turns to you. 'Hey there, I don't suppose you can help me repair these pipes?

'Great. There are four pipes in this area. They are all leaking toxic gasses into the tunnels. As such, I need you to repair them as soon as possible. I need you to repair them in sequence, so as I can deactivate the toxic pumps in that area.

Begin with the pipe just South of here, then travel to the south corner and repair the one down there. Once you have repaired that one, you will find the next directly east of there. You will find the last ruptured pipe in the east tunnel. I'd offer you some Patch Repair Kits, but I'm out. You should be able to purchase some at the shop nearby.' (They give the wrong instructions here. You need to start with the SE pipe and work your way clockwise.)

You arrive at the first pipe. Toxic gas escapes from a small rupture point.

(You require 1 x Patch Repair Kit to repair this)

You patch up the pipe with the tools you purchased from the shop. You will need to find the next pipe and repair that one.

You arrive at the second pipe. This one appears a little more damaged than the first you repaired. You approach the pipe, but are knocked aside by a large figure that emerges from the shadows. You will need to kill the 15 Shadow Glider's before you can resume work on repairing the pipe.

(You also require 1 x Patch Repair Kit to repair this)

You kill the last of the Shadow Gliders that attacked you. Using the Patch Repair Kit, you successfully repair the ruptured pipe. You will now need to move to the third broken pipe.

You arrive at the third broken pipe that spills a steady stream of toxic gas from a small crack on the surface.

(You require 1 x Patch Repair Kit to repair this)

You approach the pipe slowly looking about for any Shadow Gliders, however find none. You return to the pipe and use the Patch Repair Kit to repair the fissure on the pipe. Now that you have successfully repaired this pipe, you will need to go and fix the final pipe.

You arrive at the final pipe. This appears to be the worst, as a large fissue allows large volumes of toxic gas to escape.

(You require 1 x Patch Repair Kit to repair this)

You quickly get to work with your repair kit and patch the large fissure. You will need to return to the engineer and inform him that all fissures are now repaired.

You arrive back at the engineer, who appears to have fixed the pipe he was working on. He turns to you. 'Did you manage to repair the ruptured pipes?'

A look of relief washes over his face. 'Excellent work on repairing those pipes. The toxicity level in the tunnels has dropped considerably. Thank you again for your help! I must head off now, there are always things to repair in these god forsaken tunnels.'