50 Highridge Crag (Shard Gate) - (12, 14) [none]



  1. Receive 1x Shard Trophy Blueprint
  2. Return to (12, 14)
  3. Kill 1 Zlaxxon (Elite)
  4. Return to (12, 14)


  • 13,232 XP


A Mutant Tracker sits exhausted, huddled down into his traveling cloak.

For an instant the Tracker looks around for a means of escape, then gives up. 'It is a dishonor that I be found – let alone greeted. I take it you will kill me now?' Silence stretches between you, the Tracker looks at you oddly. 'It is strange that you speak to Raga as an equal. We live....differently to your peoples. The land demands much of us. It shapes our body and spirit. We know much of the land because of this.' 'There have been wild stories of Crystal Men stalking the land recently. I have been sent out to see if there was any truth of it. To my horror I have found the stories didn't go far enough. These Shard are potent, they can even reach up and take Flyers from the sky it's self.' 'But the elders will need proof of my words, but I am worn out with my journey. May I ask that you find this proof? Take this Shard Trophy Blueprint, return to me when you have shaped one.'

You receive 1 x Shard Trophy Blueprint

A Mutant Tracker waits for your return, 'Have you shaped a Shard Trophy?'

The Mutant Tracker takes the Trophy from you, 'Thank you, you have done me a great service. But I must ask one more thing of you, I must have proof that we can kill these Shard. No matter how exulted they become. If you are brave enough, destroy the Zlaxxon (Elite). Return if you succeed in the task.

The Mutant Tracker greets you, 'Did you best the Zlaxxon (Elite)?'

The Mutant Tracker nods slowly at you, 'The Shard I saw were strong, I am relieved to hear that even the strongest of this new enemy can be killed. I can return to my people and tell this tale. It will not be all bad for the news that there are some Units which will help us will be gladly received. In my travels across this area, I found the Shard Gate Stockpile. I shall open it for you, I guess powerful Blueprints can be found within.'