41 Highridge Crag (Deserted Camp) - (19, 7) [none]



  1. Obtain 1x Raga Blade
  2. Return to (19, 7)
  3. Receive 1x Lizard Totem Blueprint
  4. Return to (19, 7)



A young Mutant sits dejectedly on a pile of stones.

The Mutant freezes momentarily, when he realizes that you mean him no harm he relaxes. 'The elders must be right, I am a disgrace to the tribe - I didn't even hear you coming. A Raga Warrior must always be aware of his surroundings. But I never get things right. I even broke my blade in one of those Mountain Lizard Birds. I cannot return to my people without it or the Lizard Totem.' He looks at you closely, 'Could you retrieve the Raga Blade I lost from the Mountain Lizard Birds? I would be most grateful.'

The Young Raga Mutant waits for your return, 'Have you found the blade I lost in those Mountain Lizard Birds?'

The Mutant's smiles up at you as he takes the Blade. His face almost splits in two with the grin, a most unsettling sight. 'Thank you, I can now fix my Blade.' 'Those Lizard Birds are a strong enemy. That is why I need the Lizard Totem to prove my prowess. Could you get me one whilst I repair my Blade? Here take this Lizard Totem Blueprint, it will show you how to construct it.'

You receive 1 x Lizard Totem Blueprint

The Young Raga Mutant swings his sword in triumph as you return, 'Have you made me a Lizard Totem yet?'

The Mutant takes the Totem, 'A Raga Warrior must be aware of his surroundings, that is what I have always been taught. Well I have not only got my blade fixed but also acquired a Lizard Totem and not even moved an inch! A Warrior must also be cunning as well as strong. I can now return to my tribe and take my place as a Warrior. Thank you, I could never have done it without your help.' 'Let it not be said that the raga do not pay their debts. I found this old Blueprint in an old bunker. I think you might get better use out of it than me. We Raga do not use ranged weapons. Good bye my friend, may we meet again.'